The Small Potatoes Animation Factory Tour is a family-friendly guided tour of Little Airplane's state-of-the-art animation studio which brings fans face-to-face with the main characters of the company’s newest animated television hit, "Small Potatoes." 

The Small Potatoes Animation Factory Tour provides a close up, insider’s look at how the series is made.  Every aspect of production, from writing to animation to voice-over recording, is explained by the creative team at Little Airplane.  At each stop on the tour, families are invited to participate in hands-on activities such as helping to animate a character or having their own voices recorded in a professional audio booth. The highlight of the tour is a "hologram" inside a beautiful wooden red barn.  Families are invited to peek inside the barn to see the real Small Potatoes sing and dance.

The Small Potatoes Animation Factory Tour runs weekdays at various times and reservations are required.  The studio is located in our historic building at 207 Front Street in New York City's South Street Seaport. 

The tours are limited to groups of ten and the cost for the tours is $10 per person.  This fee is used to support Little Airplane Productions' mission, "To create and produce the finest educational preschool programming in the world." 

"The Small Potatoes Animation Factory Tour is a unique opportunity for families to see first-hand how one of their favorite new television shows is made.  It's a completely interactive, very informative, and really fun experience for adults and kids!"

Josh Selig
President, Little Airplane Productions

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