The Wonder Pets!

"The Wonder Pets!" is our series currently in production for Nickelodeon.  It chronicles the adventures of Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming Duckling and Turtle Tuck.  At the end of every school day, when the students have gone home, these classroom pets become the Wonder Pets, three courageous, singing superheroes who travel the world using teamwork to save young animals in distress.
3rd & Bird

"3rd & Bird" is our animated series co-produced by Little Airplane Productions and CBeebies.  Each episode is filled with music and songs and features Muffin and Samuel Lovebird, young birds who learn all about family, neighbors and friends.  The series premiered on CBeebies in July 2008 and is currently airing in 18 territories around the world. 


“Tobi!” is a series of 4:00 visual poems that premiered on Treehouse TV/Canada and Nickelodeon Australia on March 7 to coincide with UNICEF’s International Children's Day of Broadcasting.  Tobi is a little boy who wants to make his world a better place to live.  Each episode helps preschoolers understand one pressing global issue as Tobi takes care of    his world, which is represented in a visually striking and poetic way.

The Olive Branch

“The Olive Branch” is a brand new series currently in development about two very different characters who live together in the branches of a lovely olive tree.  Each one-minute episode is a simple story about conflict resolution and is told entirely without words.  This approach will insure that "The Olive Branch" can be shown in any country in the world without the need for translation or dubbing.  And to make certain these episodes reach the widest possible audience, they will be made available to both domestic and international broadcasters for the price of one unit of that country's currency per episode.  “The Olive Branch” has received key endorsements from UNICEF, Deepak Chopra, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  To learn how you can get involved in this groundbreaking initiative, contact Tone Thyne at 212-965-8999.

After a successful run as a short-form series on Noggin and Nick Jr., "Oobi!" premiered as a long-form series on Noggin in April 2003.  Winner of a 2001 Gold Parents' Choice Award, "Oobi!" combines a truly unique set of characters - Oobi, Uma, Kako and Grampu - with great storytelling and interactive gaming elements.  "Oobi!" is currently airing on Nick Jr.
Go, Baby!

"Go, Baby!" is a short-form animated series currently airing on Playhouse Disney.  Each interstitial encourages viewer interaction as Baby completes a series of simple tasks with the help of the child-viewer.
The Time-Out Chair

"The Time-Out Chair" is a short film written and directed by Josh Selig.  It is the story of a young girl who leaves her preschool classroom dragging her time-out chair behind her.  The film chronicles the girl's afternoon in New York's East Village.  "The Time-Out Chair" was shown at the 2003 Tribeca Film Festival and was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art.